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    Zerinika's Rouges


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    Zerinika's Rouges Empty Zerinika's Rouges

    Post by Glass on Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:18 am

    "The Rouges are now under new management, and I won't fall like Zerinika did. I am Phlare, and I am the leader of Zerinika's Rouges. You are my prey."

    Zerinika's Rouges are a dangerous group who attack and kill those who stray from the group or those who become sluggish and lazy. They consist of Five members, Phlare, Nim, Serpent, Sorrow and Ebony. Stay quick, or you just might become their next target. ~Glass

    LeaderPhlarePhlare stands about 5'2" from his paws to the tip of his ears, with pitch black fur covering most of his body. As a Dracine he is half Dragon, half Feline, and this is evident in his large webbed wings, clawed forelimbs and long scaled tail. He has a thick leather collar with two fangs and a hawk's skull on it, along with The Rouge's signature pendant. He had a blood red earring in his right ear, and a cut in his left. On his right forelimb rests a red wristband, along with bandages that go from his shoulder to his elbow on his right forelimb. Similar bandages cover his whole right hind limb. His right eye is blind, a scar running through the middle of it, the pupil covering almost the whole eye with only a little bit of gold showing through. His left eye is a dark gold color. Not to be messed with, Phlare is a fast fighter and an experienced one at that. He took over the Rouges with a display of power and strength, and won't let anyone forget it.
    Lead AssassinEbony
    Group Theme - Bullet for my Valentine; Not Invincible

    If you wish to kill your character off, there are now contracts for the rouges open. You can choose what rouge is to kill off your character, and you can choose to do it over a certain period of posts, or over one single harbinger post.
    Sorrow - 5-10 LRoCR points
    Ebony - 5-10 LRoCR points
    Serpent - 15-20 LRoCR points
    Nim - 25-30 LRoCR points
    Phlare - 55-65 LRoCR points

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