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    Character Text colors


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    Character Text colors Empty Character Text colors

    Post by Glass on Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:34 pm

    As of the new rule, all characters must have a text color. So, for easy acess, here are all the text colors for the current characters.

    -Main Group
    Jest - #D66DD6
    Obsidian - #666666
    Vienna - #1B664D
    Dali - #F1E8CA
    Gravity - #E6B112
    Cosmic - #999999
    Cheetah - #22FF00
    Starshooter - #EFEFEF
    Cyan - #00FFFF
    Zen - #990099
    Inuk - #C1FFFF
    Alpha - #600099
    Kathiet - #8B0C0C
    Silver/Shari'a/Insanity - #FF9700(Shari'a)/#00BEFF(Silver)/#A30023(Insanity)
    Fenrir - #703B3B

    -The Ruin Spirits
    The Overseer - #000099
    The Time Spirit - #FFDD00
    The Space Spirit - #001040
    The Spirit of Light - #CFCFCF
    The Spirit of Darkness - #060606

    -Zerinika's Rouges
    Phlare - #723030
    Nim - #995F5F
    Sorrow - #780000
    Serpent - #783B3B
    Ebony -#FF0000


    Character Text colors GkN6Lth

    "They make me feel so empty, their words, they cut like knives.
    You tell me to forgive them but I'm not sure I'll survive.
    I'm not sure if this is a good time, or even if you're home.
    It's a long, long way from your throne but...

    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel safe.
    Don't have to run away and I can just be me.
    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel strong.
    A place where I belong and I can call my own.
    I wait for you..."

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