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    Cheetah the mutated human


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    Cheetah the mutated human Empty Cheetah the mutated human

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    Cheetah the mutated human YQes4X7
    Name: Cheetah
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Mutated Human
    Weapon/s: Hand crafted dragon dagger that looks like this.
    Skills/Abilities: Flight, Wolf senses
    Personality: Shy and Quiet when you first meet her, Cheetah is loyal to her friends and she doesn't back down from a challenge. She has a slight stutter sometimes, but she doesn't notice this. She is a natural leader and tends to argue and annoy people.
    Cheetah was never your average person. She was different. She never fitted in and she spent her time at school sitting near the forest by the fence. She'd listen to the forest creatures, and she'd sing songs with the birds. Because of this however, she was bullied. Bullied for her name. Bullied for her temperament. Bullied for her social status and bullied for her fascination with animals. She was called a freak, an outcast and even beaten by people she used to call "friends".

    This treatment would go on every day, all day and always behind closed doors. The teachers never knew, and she'd get blamed for things she didn't do. It crushed her spirit and before she was even 13 she was attempting suicide. Her mind became fractured, and her only escape was the woods. One day however, the bulling got too much for her and she ran, tears streaming from her eyes. Without a second thought she jumped the fence and ran, into the forest.

    Deeper she ran, jumping logs and streams. Eventually she had to stop, and she began to listen to her surroundings more. Birds called out, their beautiful songs calming Cheetah down. Something rustled nearby, and Cheetah jumped, turning to watch. Her eyes widened at what she saw. A whole pack of wolves, laying in a small clearing nearby. There were about five adults and three pups. Approaching slowly, Cheetah jumped onto a fallen log, watching the wolves.

    Fascinated by the wolves, Cheetah watched as one of the pups perked up, then dashed over towards her. Panic surged through Cheetah's veins. The wolves were probably going to kill her now, thinking her as a threat. Despite that, the pup jumped onto the log, trotting up to Cheetah. It's golden eyes looked into her bright green ones and she reached out a shaky hand. The pup accepted her hand and Cheetah soon found herself petting the pup, smiling as her tears dried up.

    Soon the pack noticed the pup was gone and got up, coming to investigate. Cheetah backed up a bit, but the wolf pup just kept coming closer. The wolves then come over, spotting Cheetah and the pup. A few growled at her, but two of them came up to her. Holding her breath, Cheetah reached out a hand, palm up so the wolf could smell her. Instead of biting her, the wolf brushed up against her hand, it's golden eyes looking at her with trust and understanding. They knew she was upset, and they had come to comfort her.

    No longer scared, Cheetah hugged the wolf, tears starting up again. The wolf nuzzled her, and the other four came closer, sitting around her. The pups played with her hair and the adults sat with her, with Cheetah petting what she assumed to be the Alpha. She spent a few hours there, knowing she would have to leave eventually.

    Once it started getting dark, Cheetah told the wolves she had to go, but she promised she would be back. They seemed to understand and each nuzzled her, before walking back over to the clearing she had first spotted them. As she ran back, she began to feel happier. If she could hold off the days, she could visit the wolves after school. And she did. Every day she would visit the wolves, bringing them food, playing with the pups and it would always be fun.

    One day when she went to school however, the bullies seemed to be in a bad mood. They decided picking on Cheetah would be an excellent way to lift their own ruined mood. So all day every minute they'd throw junk, pencils, and even bags at her. They'd yell rude and sexual things to her and they'd tease her abut her name. Eventually it became too much for Cheetah and she snapped.

    She attacked them, lunging for one of the bullies with a furious scream. Knocking the kid down, Cheetah wrapped her hands around his neck and pulled him up, pushing him against the wall of a building. The others were horrified and they ran, yelling for a teacher. Cheetah squeezed tighter on the bully's neck, cutting off his air. Soon his face was turning blue and he was scrabbling weakly at Cheetah's wrists. Then he went limp. The teacher arrived and shrieked, seeing the kid drop. She rushed over to see if he was okay, but covered her mouth when she realised he was dead. Cheetah however stood there, glaring at the bullies. "You think that you can just pick on me and you wont get any fucking consequences?! I am FUCKING SICK OF IT! Back the fuck off!" She yelled, her eyes burning in fury.

    Cheetah then looked towards the dead kid, taking in his pale face and limp body. Her eyes widened and she took in shuddering breaths. She had just killed someone. She had just killed someone. She knew she'd be punished for this. She wouldn't slip away from this. She ran, taking off down the school halls and jumping over the fence, following the path she took every day to the wolves.

    She skidded into the clearing where the pack was waiting for her. She collapsed, sobbing and shaking. The pack came over and leaned against her, comforting her. The Alpha - she'd nicknamed him Dusty - came over. Licking her face, Cheetah hugged Dusty. "D-Dusty... What am I going to do? I just... I just killed someone." Cheetah sobbed, petting the wolf's fluffy pelt for comfort. She spent the next hours there, well after dark. When she finally stood up, she had made up her mind, she'd have to leave. She told her friends she'd be going and she didn't know if she'd be back. They seemed upset, but they let her go.

    Cheetah trudged back through the forest, unaware of the wolf pup following her. She walked into the school and ducked past the security guard, jumping the fence out the front of the school and racing for the docks. She didn't care where she went, so long as it was away from there.

    She reached the docks and saw there was a ship leaving for somewhere called "Ruin Island". Thinking it as the best place, to go, Cheetah ran for it, jumping onto the boat and hiding under a pile of canvas and tarps. She'd be able to get away from her after all.

    As she was hiding, she noticed the wolf pup hiding next to her. By that time they had already started sailing, so she couldn't just leave it. Petting the pup, they huddled in the tarps and canvas, falling asleep for the night.

    They woke up pretty early, and they could see land up ahead, assuming that was Ruin Island. They rode up to the shore and docked. Cheetah looked over the landscape. It was barren, except for a few plants here and there. Cheetah picked up the wolf pup and quietly sneaked off the boat. Almost as soon as she touched the sand a large pulse of what she could only describe as magic hit her. She was knocked out and everything went black.

    When she woke up she felt strange. She couldn't explain it, but when she went to scratch her back, she felt feathers. Cheetah gasped and followed the length of the feathers and found where it ended. Pulling on the feathers, a white wing curved around, it's pure white feathers shimmering in the light. Cheetah moved her shoulder blades a bit, before testing the wing muscles. Her wings were about 14 foot long and they were pure white.

    Then, as if she hadn't had enough surprises, a grey tail flicked against her side. When she turned to look, a wolf tail had sprouted from her tailbone! Almost comically, Cheetah felt her head. Two pointy furry lumps poked out. Wolf ears. "What the hell happened to me?"

    Cheetah wandered the land for a bit, picking berried off trees and using her new enhanced sense of smell to see it they were poisonous. If they weren't she ate them, if they were she took note and left them. The pup followed her around for a while, and it was already half grown. It was a beautiful wolf, but it was still classed as a pup. While she was walking she came across a skeleton of some sort of dog. It had a bright green collar with a gold tag saying "Ash". Cheetah got an idea and carefully took the collar off, putting it on the pup. Now it had a name. Ash.

    Eventually they found a structure of sorts, and wanting to get out of the barren wasteland, they entered, but the door shut tight behind them and Ash panicked, racing off, leaving Cheetah alone. "We'll reunite again eventually. I hope." Cheetah said, walking into the Ruins.
    Light song: Imagine Dragons; It's Time
    Dark song: Imagine Dragons; Demons
    Reason/s for arriving on the island: To get away from her old life.
    Additional Details:
    Cheetah has Multiple Personality Disorder, but she rarely lets her other personality out. It will only come out due to a stress overload.
    Text color - #22FF00
    Based on me. The first two paragraphs were taken straight from my own time at school.
    Ash looks like this. In the future plot, Ash and Cheetah will reunite around the same time Alpha comes in.


    Cheetah the mutated human GkN6Lth

    "They make me feel so empty, their words, they cut like knives.
    You tell me to forgive them but I'm not sure I'll survive.
    I'm not sure if this is a good time, or even if you're home.
    It's a long, long way from your throne but...

    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel safe.
    Don't have to run away and I can just be me.
    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel strong.
    A place where I belong and I can call my own.
    I wait for you..."

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