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    Alpha the Cydog


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    Alpha the Cydog Empty Alpha the Cydog

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    Alpha the Cydog Alpha_the_cydog_by_glasstheabsol-d6uawa3

    Name: Alpha

    Age: 3(36 in dog years)

    Gender: Male

    Race: Cydog

    Weapon/s: Metal teeth and  metal claws, along with real teeth and real claws.

    Skills/Abilities: He practically has dulled pain receptors, and the fan on his chest cools down the area Jest experimented on, due to the fact that without it the area would overheat and Alpha would probably rupture a lung from the heat.

    Personality: Alpha is very straight forwards and he is a natural leader. He is fiercely loyal to Jest, but he will refuse an order if it seems to have no point. He commands the five Pack Cydogs that follow him around and punish them if they disobey (e.x; Biting a exposed flesh part or close to the control panel on them.)

    Background: The young pup was born to only a single litter of two. Alpha and his sister were the only ones who survived the birth, all the others were stillborn. Their mother looked after them as best she could, but Alpha's sister died early on, leaving him alone. Despite the shaky start, Alpha persevered and eventually was old enough and big enough to venture out. However he didn't have a good enough understanding and he soon started getting way in over his head.

    Alpha was running from a recent run-in with some other enemies of his when he ran right into a busy street. The other dogs skidded to a halt, their eyes widening as the world played in slow-motion. A car with a monstrous bull bar came skidding around a corner, the driver was drunk. The car collided with Alpha and he felt his left elbow snap, the skin tearing and leaving the bone in the middle of his arm above the elbow visible. he thudded on the road, the collision on the ground knocking his bottom jaw loose. As the car passed over, a pole fell from the back of it, skewering Alpha in the ribcage.

    Surprisingly the dog didn't die straight away and he lay in the middle of the street, whimpering and yelping in agony as death took it's time in coming. Just as Alpha's vision faded away, he registered the form of a human with orange hair bending down and picking him up.

    Alpha's eyes slid open cautiously. All around him were metal walls and he was on a steel table of sorts. Alpha lifted his head up slowly, but yelped as a wave of pain racked his head. The yelp seemed to rouse a being on the other side of the room. The being stood up and Alpha struggled to focus on it. A humanoid figure with what looked like orange hair made it's way over to him. The being had a mechanical arm and a robotic tail, and on closer inspection there was a metal plate over one cheek.

    Alpha struggled to get up, when a whirring noise caught his attention. Struggling to look behind him, Alpha saw a large metal frame where his left arm used to be and there was a metal panel on his side, a reinforced glass pane allowed Alpha to see his ribs and a fan whirred around, giving Alpha a very queer cold feeling inside him. He also noticed how easy the fan made it to breathe.

    Alpha looked down at the table and was astonished at his reflection. Metal replaced where his lower jaw was and one ear was replaced with a metal sensor shaped like a wolf ear. His eyes were a queer purple color, and he had a collar that had a tag with the name 'Jest' on it, as well as a second tag with 'Alpha.'

    On the metal limb a keypad caught the Cydog's attention and he nosed it, to which the humanoid, whom Alpha presumed was Jest; came over and pressed a few of the buttons and the thing opened showing a green glowing cylinder. Jest closed the panel and the green showed through a glass window on the panel.

    Another thing caught Alpha's attention. A blue reptile flew around the lab, not in a cage like all the others. It landed on Jest's shoulder, chirped at Alpha before flying over to Jest's desk.

    Those were the more happier days. Jest found another five dogs that had been hit, and he did fast work to stop them from dying. He called them 'Pack Cydogs' and taught them to listen to Alpha's commands. Those were the times Alpha was at his happiest. However there was one dark being he never saw coming.

    One day Jest was having an angry fit and Alpha ordered the Pack Cydogs to hide, and Alpha hid so he was able to see the steel experimenting table. Alpha was astonished to see Jest grab the wyvern, Zerinika; and pin her to the table. The blue wyvern had been Jest's favorite and Alpha understood this. But to see Jest turn on Zerinika, it scared the Cydog. The young wyvern's screeches were painful to Alpha's real ear, the mechanical ear just blocking out the sound.

    Alpha watched the whole scene. Jest sawed off Zerinika's talons and spikes, leaving the wyvern strapped to the table as he fiddled with the talons, creating them into a single blade, which he messily and painfully grafted onto the wyvern's tail. Jest then unstrapped the wyvern, carrying the whimpering reptile out of the lab, storming off with a loud slam of the door.

    Alpha didn't hesitate. Calling the Pack Cydogs to him, Alpha made them all sit on guard, as he waited for Jest to return. When the cyborg finally came back, Jest was surprised to see he didn't have Zerinika. Although he was over his fit, Alpha never saw Zerinika again.

    When Jest decided to go 'offline' he went around and made all the other Pack Cydogs 'offline', leaving Alpha for last. Jest knew Alpha wouldn't live if he just went straight to 'offline' so he put the Cydog into cryostasis. Alpha had no idea when he would be awoken, but he didn't care.

    Alpha's eyes snapped open to intense heat. The whirring of his fan cooled down his pelt and helped to steady his rapid breathing from the shock of the awakening. The other Pack Cydogs were already awake, awaiting Alpha's orders. Instinctively, Alpha looked for Jest, but the cyborg was nowhere to be seen.

    Alpha then decided they would protect Jest's lab in anticipation for their master's return. Little did the know about the ravaged bodies of the dead scientists just outside the lab door. To Alpha's knowledge, Jest was only on a field trip. He didn't know that some 100 years had passed since he was last awake.

    Light Song: Rolling Wolf

    Dark song: Paramore - Monster

    Reason/s for arriving on the island: He was brought here by Jest and he was turned into a cydog in the Ruins.

    Additional Details:
    ~He commands a small pack of five other cydogs. The six of them all roam the lab Jest used to own.
    ~His aging process has been slowed to such a drastic speed that he will probably live almost eternally.
    ~The area round his ribs still hurts and as of such Alpha cannot breathe properly without the mechanical fan to help. If the fan were to malfunction, Alpha would probably have a very hard time breathing and would suffocate.
    ~The metal ear serves as a translator and he has a translator in his jaw that allows him to speak five different languages.
    ~Text color - #600099


    Alpha the Cydog GkN6Lth

    "They make me feel so empty, their words, they cut like knives.
    You tell me to forgive them but I'm not sure I'll survive.
    I'm not sure if this is a good time, or even if you're home.
    It's a long, long way from your throne but...

    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel safe.
    Don't have to run away and I can just be me.
    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel strong.
    A place where I belong and I can call my own.
    I wait for you..."

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