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    Silver the Suicidal Fur/Scalesona


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    Silver the Suicidal Fur/Scalesona Empty Silver the Suicidal Fur/Scalesona

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    Silver the Suicidal Fur/Scalesona Silver___lrocr_by_glasstheabsol-d786p51
    Name: Silver
    Age: Young Teenanger
    Gender: Female
    Race: Fursona/Scalesona (A being with fur or scales that represents you.)
    Weapon/s: Teeth and Claws
    Skills/Abilities: Can summon her dragons at will. When a certain dragon is present, wings float above her shoulders - she can fly with these. Bat wings for Insanity, feathered wings for Shari'a. Both kinds of wings are visible if both dragons are present. Flames(Shari'a), Darkness(Insanity)
    Personality: Silver - Suicidal, Shy, Sociopath, Empathetic, Timid.
    Shari'a - Kind, bouncy, joyful, caring.
    Insanity - Insane, dangerous, psychopathic, merciless, cunning, evil.
    Silver has three different personalities, her normal self, Shari'a, the good side and Insanity, the evil side.
    Silver's childhood was literally living hell. Her parents cast her out like their other two kids - which hadn't faired well; commiting suicide at a young age - They sent her off to a nearby group of kids to get her to interect with no heed of the previous kids that had gone near the group.

    The kids would bully Silver to no end, and she didn't have anyone to go to, so she began to delve into madness with the constant bullying from in the area. She would climb trees and watch from a distance, murdering the kids over and over in many different ways mentally. Then something came along that changed Silver's outlook for a while.

    A young kid, about her age came over one day, and now naturally cautious of strangers, Silver would ignore the kid, but eventually they got to become aquantiances. The stranger was a tall bright green reptile-like creature with wolf-like ears that poked up from a cat like face, much like her own. He had a long tail with a blade on it, and four legs that ended in paws with long curved claws. The bullys would pester them both, then they'd climb a tree and talk if it got too bad, and Silver began to open up a little, sometimes she'd stay with her new friend - Phoenix. He was a good friend and he helped Silver retreat from her dark corner of madness for a while. However, her peace didn't last long.

    One day Silver and Phoenix were getting taking a shortcut to their tree they'd go to get away from the bullies when they were ambushed by a group of dangerous bullies that called themselves the Bandits. They attacked Silver, with her being the weakest, but Phoenix jumped in front of the blow and got hit with the leader's weapon - a deadly curved blade.

    Phoenix was brutally stabbed over and over again, however, he still stood, begging for Silver to run. Silver took one last look at her freind's golden eyes, and nodded, turning and running, just in time to see Phoenix lunge at the leader of the Bandits and attack with his claws.

    Silver ran to their tree and climbed up as fast as she could, watching as Phoenix attacked the leader, however he was attacked from behind by the second in line, getting sliced along the throat. Silver called out in dispair as Phoenix looked up at her, his golden gaze peircing her own blue one for a single head splitting second, then he fell, blood pooling from his mouth and nose. The Bandits fled into the grass, leaving Silver to climb down from the tree and race over to her friend's body.

    After Phoenix's death, Silver didn't talk to anyone anymore, and she retreated back into her dark corner of madness, this time talking to the voices that would occassionally whisper to her, planting more seeds of madness into Silver's head.

    One day the Bandits returned for more blood, gathering around the tree that Silver happened to be up that morning and yelling insults at her. Silver was about to walk away when a single voice broke out from the rest of the ones in her head. "Go and attack them. I'll help you" Silver grinned at the voices request, this was one she knew well. She had dubbed it Insanity, as it was the ringleader of the voices it seemed, and only it would talk to her at times. "Yes, yes. You're right." She muttered, looking down at the Bandits, anger washing over her as images of Phoenix's corpse flashed fresh in her mind. Her eyes melted from sky blue in color to a blood red, and with a blood-curdling screetch, she jumped, aiming right for the Leader's head, her sharp claws outstretched.

    The Bandits were surprised by her attack and were even more surprised when two wings flared from above Silver's shoulders, their membranes a blood red color as they flared out to slow Silver's fall, until she was flying just above the leader. What caught their attention though was the giant reptile that suddenly appeared out of nowhere beside Silver, it's long tail curling around them to deduct escape. It's blood red eyes watched the bullies hungrilly, Insanity reached a winged hand over to the leader and the black claw traced a line around his neck.

    The serpent was a good two storeys tall and was covered in red and black patterns, dark grey wings and cryptic black patterns framed the serpent's red scales, slick with blood that was always oozing from them. The claw that traced the leader's neck suddenly moved inwards, slicing straight through the poor bully's neck and effortlessly snapping his spine, beheading the leader. Silver took the signal and dove down at the second bully, her wings folding as she plummeted, landing on the bully's back and snapping his spine, paralyzing his back legs. Silver dug her claws in and then spun around ripping chunks off his back before sinking her teeth into his neck, crushing the spinal column.

    Insanity quickly finished off the other bullies with a quick tail whip, crushing them beneath the weight of the serpent's tail. Silver jumped off the dead bully's body and then looked up at Insanity. "Thank you... Insanity." The serpent grinned, his eyes narrowing, before he disappeared, leaving the sea of blood where he was.

    Silver didn't remember much from the attack, only that the Bandits were dead, slaughtered by what people said was a giant serpent that dripped blood from it's scales. Silver remembered nothing about the serpent, only that now she had a permenant red ring around her pupil since that day.

    One day Phoenix's death finally caught up with her and she broke down, walking over to where Phoenix was killed, his skeleton still there - Silver hadn't the physical and mental strength to bury him. Silver looked at the bones of her friend and made up her mind, she would join him. She swiped her claws across her muzzle, the blood mixing with her tears and dropping onto the white bone of her long dead friend. Silver watched the blood drip down as she swiped a claw across her front wrists, just above her paws, before doing the same with her hind legs. Blood flowed freely from the cuts, and soon Silver collapsed, but not before she could reach a shaky paw up to her throat, raking her claws down in one quick swipe, cutting her thoat open. She shuddered as her breath came and went in shallow gasps, flopping down next to her friend's body, her nose touching Phoenix's skull. Silver smiled as darkness took over her vision and she fainted.

    Silver stood in a pit of darkness, with Insanity in front of her. "You fool. You'll never be able to join your friend. You've just forced yourself into my claws." Silver gasped as Insanity reached for her, and she scrambled back. "D-don't touch me!" She whined, her blue eyes looking fearfully up at the serpent. "You should of thought of this before you killed yourself." Silver yelped as Insanity grabbed her with his tail, and in her panic, Silver found herself calling out. "Help!"

    As if answering her, a green flash raced past, colliding with Insanity's tail and making him free her. Silver cowered as the green being stood in front of her, protecting her as her friend once had. Silver looked up at her savior and gasped. It was Phoenix - however this dragon wasn't quite her friend. The green reptile was a little different, it was much larger, had no bladed tail, wings and horns instead wolf ears, but it was her friend. She smiled, dubbing this being Shari'a, after her friend's mother - the only one who had been kind to them. Shari'a attacked Insanity and fought back the serpent, forcing him to flee, but with a vow of return.

    Shari'a turned to Silver, her golden eyes watching the small canine, making sure she was okay. "It is okay child, I will protect you from Insanity." Silver nodded, jumping towards her new friend and hugging her, her white wings folding around them and freeing them from the darkness.

    Silver opened her eyes to see Shari'a standing in front of her, with Phoenix's bones gone. Silver looked at where she had attacked herself and was surprised to see pale scars. "I never want to live those memories again." Shari'a nodded. "Then you don't have to." She said, tapping Silver with her tail and teleporting them away, to places unknown to start a new story.

    They landed on a beach, where Insanity was waiting for them. Silver stretched her wings and watched the serpent wearily, Shari'a at her side. "What do you want Insanity?" Shari'a asked the serpent, to which the serpent sighed, "A deal." Silver growled. "What kind of deal?"

    The serpent glared at Silver, before looking back at Shari'a. "I will not 'help' Silver unless she asks for it directly, and she can summon us at will, so long as I can still talk to her in her mind." Silver growled, but nodded, knowing that Shari'a will protect her. "Deal." With that, the two dragons disappeared, red appearing around her pupil , gold and green around the edge of her eye. Silver then entered a nearby cavern, walking into the ruins of an old stronghold that was recently explored. She followed the corridors to a group in a citadel of sorts, wondering if she could join them and maybe start over.
    Light song: Fall Out Boy - Thanks For The Memories
    Dark song: 30 Seconds To Mars - Ill Attack
    Reason/s for arriving on the island: To get away from her past life.
    Additional Details:
    -She has three text colors, for all three of her personalities.
    - Her story will lace with Cheetah's


    Silver the Suicidal Fur/Scalesona GkN6Lth

    "They make me feel so empty, their words, they cut like knives.
    You tell me to forgive them but I'm not sure I'll survive.
    I'm not sure if this is a good time, or even if you're home.
    It's a long, long way from your throne but...

    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel safe.
    Don't have to run away and I can just be me.
    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel strong.
    A place where I belong and I can call my own.
    I wait for you..."

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