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    Cataclysm of Terra Firma[Semi-Strict Survival RP]


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    Cataclysm of Terra Firma[Semi-Strict Survival RP] Empty Cataclysm of Terra Firma[Semi-Strict Survival RP]

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    Cataclysm of Terra Firma[Semi-Strict Survival RP] X0thA1f
    <Execute Successful. Running Video>
    "It has been ten years since it happened, and now, here we all are, fighting for our lives among the danger of what is now our world. I suppose you're wonder what happened now huh? Well to put it bluntly, crap hit the fan and the world fell into ruin. The more advanced explanation may also be necessary. In which case - It started exactly ten years ago. Some super secret organization got it in their minds that joining all of earth under one single ruler by force was a brilliant idea. Obviously, looking around you, that went well. Well, what happened was they basically assassinated all persons of power from the world. Yes, that includes Presidents, Kings, Queens, Prime Ministers, everyone of semi-important power. This of course sent the world into chaos until this organization gave a worldwide message. "Obey us, or we will obliterate you and force the others to their knees." Obviously, a lot of people opposed and so, the people of this organization carried out their threat. This however caused worldwide panic. Riots began popping up everywhere, and people started going on killing sprees at the mention of the organization. In a futile act to stop the panic, the organization dropped bombs in multiple cities where there were mass riots and clumps of more dangerous people. These bombs unleashed a gas that when it came into contact with human skin, made their flesh boil and burn, effectively killing them. The bombs did their work in silencing the people - the rioting and murdering stopped, and we all fell into a dark time of silence. Then, something else happened.

    In the areas where the bombs had dropped, animals began to mutate and evolve, soon giving way to three new species of megafauna. Among the most common of megafauna were odd dogs that had grown an extra head, an extra tail and their legs had become much stronger, allowing them to stand up on their hind limbs, and their front limbs - now arms - had become lined up to the elbows with small, serrated spikes, and their paws had become more like under-developed hands, tipped in long sharp dagger-like claws. These canines were found to be highly aggressive and traveled in packs of five to ten, attacking everything on site. These canids were dubbed as Vehemendogs. Once they got a scent, they won't stop till either they have killed their prey, or are killed themselves - which is achieved by a shot to the head.

    The second megafauna to emerge was a more neutral biased creature. Feline like in nature, these cats were about the size of a small car, with saber teeth that emerge from their top jaws, with three pairs of horns, two curling forwards and one curving back around their heads. They also have large retractable claws and a tail tipped in a sharp blade that has been rumored to slice effortlessly through steel. Often colored a slate grey with darker black stripes these felines were dubbed as Nightigers. They're fairly neutral and can attack on either side, yours or your opponents. Can be brought down by a shot to the heart.

    The third was a somewhat passive equine-like creature, not much bigger than your average horse, these animals were very horse-like and resembled the fabled pegasus, but instead of feathers, they have leathery bat wings, and have a row of spikes up their nose and down their neck to their shoulders, as well as two horns that sweep back behind their heads, with tails that instead of hair, are long thin tails ended in a barbed tip. Given a rather boring name of Bathorses, they can be killed by a shot to the head

    Once these megafauna were discovered, a lot of things changed. The Vehemendogs killed many people, and the Nightigers killed many as well. The population of the world dwindled until the organization finally realized that this world was a lost cause now. No longer having a place of power, or anyone to govern them, the last few thousand people were lost, and became more nomadic - forming clans and becoming tribes. With the ever looming threat of Vehemendogs, many people started forging weapons and raiding the long abandon cities, occasionally running into newer species of animals, that weren't as evolved as the three megafauna. Things went along like this, until yet another curve ball was thrown to screw us over once more.

    A huge solar flare from the sun erupted, and this one had lot of radiation in it, causing many tribes over the world to mutate, becoming more quadrupedal-like creatures, and some even mutating immensely, evenly dispersing humans to mutants. Only a scarce few humans got away unscathed, leaving us where we are now - wreaked, dismantled and crushed, but alive. Now here is the real question, are you ready to join us?"


    1. No Metagaming/Breaking the fourth wall/Godmodding/Powergaming ect.
    2. Keep things PG 13+
    3. Make posts at least a good 2 paragraphs
    4. This is a fantasy RP, but there is no magic. Mutations yes, but if you are a creature with fire breath, explain how you can breathe fire (I.E. Dragon - has platinum embedded in teeth and hydrogen deposits in lungs.[In case you missed chemistry class, hydrogen, oxygen and platinum when mixed create fire.]
    5. Guns are allowed, but be real about it. A gun has kickback, and if you're untrained with guns, the kickback will unbalance you, guns can miss - it's actually quite easy to miss with a gun. But no dodging bullets. You dodge a bullet that will hit, I'm calling bull.
    6. Due to the solar flare, electrical products(Besides solar powered ones) are all dead. No working non-solar powered electronics are allowed.
    7. This is survival, your character can die. No going off in a tangent if they die, it just means you start again.
    8. If your character dies, your new one cannot be related in any way, shape, or form. They also cannot share memories.
    9. To show you read all these rules carefully, post in the 'Other' Section of your app the number of the rule where it mentions hydrogen. (Keep it subtle)
    10. Get rid of the double parenthesis in your app[(( and ))] before you post it.
    11. Post Applications in the Recriutment part of this topic


    Name:((What do you go by? Show nicknames in quotation marks in between first and last names))
    Gender:((Gotta have one of these, no BiGenders))
    Age:((How old are they? Easy enough))
    Species:((Are you a human, or a mutant?))
    Personality:((What do they like? What don't they like? How do they act? At least one paragraph.))
    Appearance:((Self explanatory, at least one decent sized paragraph. Pictures are to be put in spoilers))
    Bio:((What happened to them to get where they are now? At least three decent sized paragraphs))
    Weapons:((What do they carry with them?))
    Mutations(If any):((What did the solar flare do to you? THIS ONLY APPLIES TO MUTANTS))
    Theme Song(Optional):((Just in case you want to put one here. Often these are songs that represent your character or give you inspiration when RPing as them))
    Other:((Anything else you missed or is of note that doesn't fit into the other sections?))

    Example Application(My App):

    Name: Lupe "Nyx" Vreni
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Personality: Somewhat cold, Lupe isn't one to mingle with strangers and hasn't got a lot of empathy towards others. She is very upfront with strangers, and almost never tells her real name, instead going with "Nyx" for most introductions.
    Appearance: About 5'11", Lupe is somewhat muscled for her build, which is a fairly thin but tall frame, and she has plenty of whole body strength, which she uses for climbing buildings or rubble and for long sprints. Decent stamina, she can keep a good jogging pace for a while. Wears a black hooded coat stitched to show the emblem of a tribal-esque dragon on the back with silver thread, and a dark grey long sleeved T-Shirt with the same emblem on it. Her gauntlets sit just above her wrists, resembling silver armor. On her waist is a belt that holds the sheaths for her two daggers and the holsters for her pistols. He has three long scars that go from her ribs on the right side all the way up to the right side of her face from a fight with Vehemendogs. Her eyes are a striking ice blue.
    Bio: Lupe was a fairly average kid. She had average report cards, average friends and average parents. What wasn't so average was her facination with guns and blades. Since she was young Lupe was fascinated with the mechanisms in guns and was delighted when her parents finally caved into her requests to show her how to use firearms by her 13th birthday, and so, by the time she was 15, she could aim and shoot a pistol, even with the kickback.

    As for knives, most of that she had to teach herself as her parents were already on thin ice teaching her how to use firearms. Honing her skills day-by-day with the kitchen knives, Lupe eventually got too odd for her parents and by the age of 16 was asked to leave. At first she had no problems with this as she didn't carry much, only her daggers and her guns, but soon things began piling up and she needed somewhere to bunk.

    That was when the organization rose up to power. Hearing of them as rumors passed down, Lupe saw her chance and signed up for the secret commitee, however her request was turned down at seeing her age. Somewhat annoyed by the denial, Lupe began joining in with the mass riots and murders, her daggers becoming a vital weapon. That was when she got at package in the form of a new weapon.

    She didn't know who sent it, but the gauntlets appeared on the front door of where she was currently bunking. Curious, Lupe studied it and was pleasantly surprised at the spring loaded retractable blades that were activated by her flicking her wrists to the sides. When the bombs were dropped, Lupe was a few towns away from where the first bomb was dropped, and upon hearing of the effects that they released, she fled, keeping well away from sites where they were dropped.

    When the megafauna began rising up, Lupe had no choice but to join in with small groups to survive, and although they were weary of the girl, they worked well for a bit, at least until a pack of Vehemendogs attacked them. Many of her group were slaughtered, and only a few survived, using what little they had to kill the megafauna, though Lupe didn't get away unscathed. In a frenzy to kill it's prey before it was killed, a Vehemendog swiped at her, the claws raking down her right side to her ribs before she emptied her 22cal' into it's head.

    Thankfully the cuts weren't life-threatening deep and she was able to clean them before infection set in and they healed up as for-life scars. After the population dwindled to the mere thousands, Lupe joined up with another group, beginning to build a reputation for herself. Then the solar flare screwed with that once more.

    The radiation from the flare killed and mutated many of her group while she was off searching for weapons, and luckily - or unluckily, depending on how you see it - she didn't get hit with much radiation, with her group on the edge of the effected zone. All the flare caused her was to black out for a few hours.

    When she woke a pair of purple eyes was staring at her. In an instinctive reaction, Lupe jumped up, unsheathing the blades hidden in her gauntlets, before realizing it was just a cat. She sheathed the blades and lent down to pet the feline, noting the two tails and wings. Probably a mutation from the flare. Naming the cat Erebos, Lupe started wandering, hoping to find someone else to join up with - she didn't want to have to face a pack of Vehemendogs alone any time soon.
    Weapons: Two gauntlets with retractable spring loaded blades that can sheath and unsheathe to be about 14ft long each. Two dual wielding daggers a small 22cal' pistol and a 9mm.
    Pets: One - Mutated cat. Has pitch black fur, purple eyes and has mutated to have two tails and a set of bat wings coming from his shoulders, each about 8ft long. Named Erebos.
    Theme Song:The City Is At War - Cobra Starships
    Other: Pfft, I'm the OP. Lets hope I don't break the Fourth Wall. And yes, the gauntlets are meant to represent Assassins Creed Hidden Blades. So sue me if I like the weapons.


    Cataclysm of Terra Firma[Semi-Strict Survival RP] GkN6Lth

    "They make me feel so empty, their words, they cut like knives.
    You tell me to forgive them but I'm not sure I'll survive.
    I'm not sure if this is a good time, or even if you're home.
    It's a long, long way from your throne but...

    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel safe.
    Don't have to run away and I can just be me.
    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel strong.
    A place where I belong and I can call my own.
    I wait for you..."

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