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    The History of The Ruins


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    The History of The Ruins Empty The History of The Ruins

    Post by Glass on Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:19 am

    ((Because I suppose I should of gotten around to this ages ago. But hey - I'm lazy.))

    The Ruins you see today used to be nothing but a bare desert island. Nothing but sand and a few trees here and there, and the occasional boat of travelers that stopped to camp for the night - but this was all over 100,000 years ago. Well, according to time as it stands in The Ruins anyway, in actuality, it's only been maybe 10 years.

    Why this is is because some ten or so years ago, a mysterious being called The Overseer appeared on Earth. It travelled the land, warping reality around it so immensely that in some cases human beings were mutated into other beings from fabled fantasy - dragons, werewolves, vampires and the like. The Overseer soon grew to know that for him to safely live in this world, he'd need to find a place to land and make his own - and thus he stumbled upon Ruin Island.

    The island itself was pretty bland, but The Overseer saw it as a place of potential, and without further hesitation her touched down on the sands that covered the island. As he walked, his powers flooded into the ground, embodying every grain, every molecule with psychic power. Using the magical properties of the island, The Overseer twisted and churned the underground into a maze of tunnels, caverns, and eventually becoming the stone corridors that litter The Ruins now. Lastly, The Overseer summoned four different human beings - all unknown by their kin, unknown to humanity, nobodies basically. He paced around them, and one by one, each human became a different dragon, embodying different powers - Space, Time, Light and Dark.

    The Overseer and the four new dragons teleported to the deepest cavern of The Ruins, and created different universes for each of the dragons he had dubbed the Ruin Spirits - the Time Spirit got a realm of ever shifting deserts that moved with the timeframes, more sand coming and going the more time was altered. The Space Spirit got a realm of ever expanding, ever shrinking space, stars and galaxies bending to her will. The Light Spirit got a realm of pure light, an oasis of pure intent, a paradise, if you wish.

    The only one that troubled The Overseer was The Dark Spirit's realm. As the embodiment of torment and shadow, The Dark Spirit's realm was essentially, purgatory and hell. A world of everlasting shadow, tortured and demonic souls flew free, taunting and murdering - it was truely disturbing, and The Overseer knew it meant ill luck for anyone The Spirit of Darkness got his claws on. In an attempt to bind The Dark Spirit's powers, The Overseer ordered The Light Spirit to bind The Spirit of Darkness with the Chains of Purity - something only those with the purest of hearts can break, because The Dark Spirit's heart was permanently tainted with Evil, the chains would never loosen or break. The Overseer banished The Dark Spirit to his realm, but even the omniponent dragon knew that he couldn't be held forever.

    Now that his Ruin Spirits were settled, The Overseer created his own realm beneath a large fountain of stone that was formed in such a way that it was a natural stone structure of himself. He stayed in his realm, but he never truly left The Ruins. More and more humans discovered The Ruins, but over the ages, the island became lost, forgotten and buried, it's own pocket on it's own time frame. Then, when the 100,000 year passed, a queer thing happened. An explorer discovered The Ruins and refused to let it go. The Overseer was quite perplexed by this human's persistance, but let him be. It was only when he started bringing other humans through The Ruins that The Overseer objected.

    They crashed through out his Ruins that he had worked hard on, drew on the stone walls, and broke the city that he had worked so hard to build. The Overseer was maddened by the idiocy of the humans, and the island reacted in kind - releasing a pulse of psychic aura that knocked all the humans out, changing their forms into creatures that would find The Ruins more homely. They began rebuilding his city, and started worshipping them, and whenever a human with a regretful or evil heart set foot on the island, the psychic aura the surrounded it would knock them out and mutate them. Mages and those with kindred hearts were untampered with, and soon the population of The Ruins grew, their civilization lost to the ages.

    Since then, The Overseer and The Ruin Spirits used their powers to keep The Ruins in order, but every so often The Overseer could sense The Dark Spirit's growing restlessness and soon the omnipotent dragon began to doubt the Chains of Purity's strength, but try as he might, The Spirit of Darkness could not break free of the Chains. However, The Overseer could tell that they may hold  for now, but even the Chains were not infinite, and he began to dread the day that The Dark Spirit finally broke free.


    The History of The Ruins GkN6Lth

    "They make me feel so empty, their words, they cut like knives.
    You tell me to forgive them but I'm not sure I'll survive.
    I'm not sure if this is a good time, or even if you're home.
    It's a long, long way from your throne but...

    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel safe.
    Don't have to run away and I can just be me.
    Can you meet me in my room? A place where I feel strong.
    A place where I belong and I can call my own.
    I wait for you..."

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