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    Obsidian the Exiled Rouge


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    Obsidian the Exiled Rouge Empty Obsidian the Exiled Rouge

    Post by Glass on Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:04 am

    Obsidian the Exiled Rouge S3LvP7E

    Name: Obsidian

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Male

    Race: Unknown.

    Weapon/s: Bladed tail, Claws, Teeth, and back fur that will hurt badly when touched.

    Skills/Abilities: Shadow Freight - The power of Shadow Freight can only be attained by those who have received it from The Spirit of Darkness. Not much is know about this power, but all that is known is that it grants the user full control over shadows.

    Personality: Sarcastic, Arrogant and Cunning.

    Background: Originally Obsidian was a loner in the Ruins, honing his skills and keeping out of sight. He would use his skills to trick many wanderers into helping him get his goals, and he would then stab his helpers in the back. Many came to fear the unknown loner, and when Obsidian got word of another dark presence, Obsidian took the chance to rid the Ruins of the evil queen Zerinika.

    The wyvern was well known and well feared. Obsidian however never backed down from a challenge. He took the first chance he got to join Zerinika's feared group, Zerinika's Rouges and quickly climbed the ranks to deputy. With every life he took in the Rouges, he gained an earing. Obsidian spent every hour studying Zerinika, and finding her weakness. Eventually he found a vital clue.

    Whenever Zerinika was in a fight, she would never let her opponent get to her back. Obsidian fitted the pieces together, and he knew, this was the key to killing the queen. Obsidian knew he wasn't fit to challenge the assassin yet. He knew he had to get stronger. He took that chance, and left the Rouges. Zerinika however, had other plans.

    Obsidian was on his way to the fabled Ruin Spirits, when the Rouges jumped him. Obsidian knew this was coming. No one laughed in Zerinika's face and got away alive. Fight though he did, the Vulpine stood no chance against the new deputy. Rosto they called him. Rosto got in a lucky hit, and before he knew it, Obsidian felt claws at his neck.

    Obsidian knew this was the kill blow. He wouldn't survive. "Does is give you satisfaction, to kill the one that Zerinika knows can kill her?" This made the deputy pause. Obsidian took the chance and his tail came up and pushed the deputy off him. Then all hell broke loose.

    The all came at him at once, and it only took a flash of a second before Obsidian felt Rosto's claws meet his neck, and flesh tear. Obsidian laughed. He knew this was it, he wasn't going to survive this one. But before he went, he wasn't going to give Zerinika the satisfaction of killing him.

    The wyvern herself had always followed her Rouges, and this was no different. "You're not getting this kill, Zerinika." Obsidian growled, and in one quick movement, his tail blade opened the wound on his neck deeper, and Obsidian grinned at Zerinika's horrified face. "I ain't giving you a choice. You're not killing me... Coward."

    The last words rang in Obsidian's fading mind. 'Let her figure that one out.' And then, darkness.

    Obsidian opened his eyes quickly. He was still in The Ruins. Where his neck wound was, a scar. Looking around, his eyes focused on a silver dragon. "The Time Spirit." Obsidian said, and then the silver dragon disappeared in a flash of light.

    It seemed that the Spirits themselves knew what Obsidian was there to do. Obsidian struggled to his feet and went the only way he knew where to go. Towards the Spirit of Darkness.

    Obsidian knew the place he was going to. His time as a loner had served him well, and he found himself at the Dark Realm easily. Going through the maze, Obsidian walked up to the dark portal that led to where the Spirit of Darkness was.

    He didn't remember anything of the encounter. He knew that would happen. It was the way of the spirits. But he knew he had received the power we went there for. All that was left was Zerinika.

    Light song:Evans Blue - Erase My Scars

    Dark song: Bullet For My Valentine - Breaking Point

    Reason/s for arriving on the island: Whenever asked about how he arrived, Obsidian will quickly change the subject, and therefore reasons for arriving in the ruins are unknown.

    Additional Details:



    This based was used: LINK

    Well now. This gives us a new insight on Obsidian...

    You may think you've seen Obsidian's dark side. But trust me. Unless in the RP I post his dark song in OOC, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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