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    Cyan the Ruthless Assassin


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    Cyan the Ruthless Assassin Empty Cyan the Ruthless Assassin

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    Cyan the Ruthless Assassin C90pZn0

    Name: Cyan
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Race: Wingless Dragon
    Weapon/s: Runescathe
    Skills/Abilities: Extremely fast, very limber, very strong.
    Personality: Cold, merciless, cunning, cruel, lacks empathy.

    Background: Cyan was a misguided youth, and very out of place. His whole family was in hues of reds, yellows and oranges, he was the only blue one. Having only two siblings, a torturous older brother and an quiet younger sister, their parents were never around much, the spent more time hunting and patrolling then worrying about their children, leaving the three of them alone most of the time.

    Cyan often ended up on the wrong end of his brother's short temper, and he often had many weeks on end where he'd be avoiding him after yet another fight which ended often in Cyan getting a broken bone or three. Despite his sisters attempts to break apart her two older siblings, the day came when Cyan left, unable to be anywhere around them anymore. He left in the dark of night, not even leaving a trace of him leaving - he had vanished.

    Cyan spent the next few years alone, honing his strength and speed, and he learnt to keep his emotions under a tight lock, as emotion was weakness, emotion was forbidden. It was many years he went through this vigorous training, getting stronger, faster and more deadly with each passing day.

    One day he was adventuring through his mountain home, when he stumbled upon a large cavern. Following the cavern, he found a shrine of sorts, and in the center of the shrine, on a luxurious pedestal made of silver and other precious stones and gems was a sword. The blade was huge, being about five foot long and one and a half wide. The hilt was about half a foot long and twice as wide as the width of the blade.

    Curiosity overtook Cyan's steeled emotions and he cautiously crept forwards, gracefully picking up the sword. He moved it effortlessly, as though the sword was made for him. Runes of all sorts danced along the steel surface of the blade, glowing the same color as his cerulean scales. The dragon watched in awe as the runes danced along the blade, growing, shrinking, pulsing, fading, disappearing and reappearing. It was a truly awe inspiring blade. Touching one of the many runes, he traced it out of curiosity, and suddenly a voice emanated from the blade.

    "Cyan, you have awoken the spirits that reside in this blade. They will protect you, inform you and listen to your commands. I am Runescathe, and you are my swordsmaster." Cyan blinked. He was a swordsmaster? He gave the blade a few swings. It swung with no trouble at all. It really was made for him. A cruel grin spread across his muzzle. He could get revenge with this blade. He left the cavern, beginning the trek to get home, his original home.

    His arrival came as a shock to everyone. It was one of those rare times that his parents were actually home, and seeing Cyan, they were very apologetic. They said they didn't know where he was, what had happened, and that they were sorry for leaving them. Cyan only chuckled a dark and sinister laugh.

    They began moving uncomfortably in their spots when they saw Cyan swing Runescathe from his shoulder and point it at his brother. "Tu fratello, sono la rovina della mia esistenza, e ora si tu pagherà per tutti quegli anni di tortura hai costretto su mi" He snarled, using his other hand to trace a rune on the blades surface, and shot a beam at his brother, the blue light hitting the dragon dead on, draining him of all color, before disintegrating him into nothing but a pile of ash.

    Cyan let out a growl as he turned the sword to his mother and father, who were huddled close together in fear. Cyan smirked. "E tu madre e padre, dove eravate quando questa ha continuato eh? Hai importasse nulla per la la vostra prole, e vi mostrerò no prendersi cura per voi nel ritorno!" He snarled, tracing another rune, which shot blue flames at them, engulfing them and burning them to nothing but a crisp.

    He advanced onto his sister, who begged him not to kill her, but Cyan only sighed. "E per voi cara sorella, si è tentato di aiutarmi, e per questo io vi ringrazio, però, non si può vivere, sapendo cosa ho fatto. Arrivederci, sorella." He said, lifting her up by her neck. She chocked, tears rolling down her face, but Cyan only stared into her blue eyes. They were a mirrored imaged the two of them. She had golden scales, he had golden eyes. He had cerulean scales, she had cerulean eyes. It was why he had loved her as a sister. Now all she could be was another victim. He left no survivors. "Mi dispiace la mia bella sorella." He said, and with one swing of Runescathe, he decapitated her, letting her body fall to the floor, then the placed her head next to her body, shutting her eyelids closed. "Requiescat in pace"

    Only his sister was buried after the massacre, as Cyan only wanted her to have a proper memory in his mind. The others were left to rot. With one last look at the grave, he left, not caring where his travels took him.

    Eventually Cyan found his way to The Ruins, and entering the stone structure, Cyan followed the pathways, learning the lore and heightening his senses to the hostile environment. He made his way to the Last Citadel, where he met up with Zen, a huntress who had a deadly vendetta against the queen of the Ruins, Zerinika. He stuck around Zen, the two of them becoming close friends, and protectors of the Citadel.
    Light song: LINK
    Dark song: LINK
    Reason/s for arriving on the island: Unknown
    Additional Details: Merp.
    Cyan can speak Latin and English, though his native language is Italian
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