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    Zen the Huntress


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    Zen the Huntress Empty Zen the Huntress

    Post by Glass on Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:59 am

    Zen the Huntress EGmBLr4

    Name: Zen

    Age: Adolescent

    Gender: Female

    Race: Crested Serpentine

    Weapon/s: Bow with quiver full of 100 arrows, all poisoned. Blade with sapphire on the pummel, 16 obsidian daggers, leather pouch with smoke bombs on tail. A full set of chainmail armor, and a metal blade on her tail. She also has a full helmet that covers her whole face, except for the eye holes

    Skills/Abilities: Excellent stamina, great agility, excellent stealth.

    Personality: Sarcastic, but prideful.

    Background: She'd lived her whole life in the ruins, discovering it, exploring it, and poking her nose in every crack and crevice. She knew the place like the back of her hand. So when the evil queen Zerinika broke loose, Killing HER friends and HER family, she knew exactly where to go. The Last Citadel, the only place where she could find something to defeat the evil enchantress.

    She first went to the armory, where she was able to haggle for a full set of chainmail armor, and it fit perfectly. Then she went to the weapons smith where she got her blades and bow. The next place she went was the training grounds where she trained and trained and trained. She became quite well known as someone who never missed her mark. Her next target was the evil enchantress queen, Zerinika.

    Light song: LINK

    Dark song: LINK

    Reason/s for arriving on the island: She was born in the Ruins >.>

    Additional Details:
    She's very well known around The Last Citadel, and everyone knows that she's the best you can get when it comes to hunters and assassins. She also has a personal vendetta against Zerinika for unknown reasons

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