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    Crested Serpentine


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    Crested Serpentine

    Post by Glass on Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:04 pm

    Crested Serpentine

    Crested Serpentines are a bipedal race of serpent-like creatures that possess incredible running, jumping and stealth skills. Named after their fin-like crest, which comes in many different colors, their crest grows darker over time with age, eventually turning pitch black when they're in their prime. Elders of this race are highly respected, as they are hunted for their prized crest, making them few and far between. All of the Crested Serpentines have pure white scales, the only part that has different colors is their crests.

    --Race Created by Glass. If you wish to use this race for one of your characters, you must PM Glass for permission. Breaching this rule will result in instantaneous killing off of said character--

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